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For the last 35 years, David and Arlene have been developing and offering training and communications in the area of consumer lending. Their book, Managing a Consumer Lending Business, was published in 2002. The second edition of this book was published in early 2013.


David Lawrence was President of D.B. Lawrence & Co., a New York City-based consulting firm.

David had over forty years' experience in the consumer lending business. Over nine of these years were at Citicorp, where he was the Senior Credit Officer of the consumer banking group and later its representative on the Credit Policy Committee.

He created the bank's first training program for senior management on the consumer credit process and is the author of both the 1984 Citicorp publication Risk and Reward -- the Craft of Consumer Lending and the 1992 Prentice Hall publication, The Handbook of Consumer Lending, a leading work on the management and control of the high volume consumer lending business. He was also Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Consumer Lending.

Prior to joining Citicorp, David was with Ford Motor Company for 21 years. There, he held a variety of positions which included launching and managing credit businesses in Australia, the Philippines, Japan, and Taiwan.


Arlene Solomon has extensive experience in consulting for a wide range of businesses. In addition to general consulting in organization and training issues, Arlene's company (Arlene Solomon Associates Inc.) designs and develops training and general communications programs. The work frequently involves collaboration with senior subject matter experts in complex areas, thus blending content and training expertise.

Arlene's firm has been involved in developing training courses for senior managers in planning and implementing principles of credit, marketing, advertising, and data processing. Arlene Solomon Associates Inc. also develops courses in product knowledge, sales and general management.

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