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Introduction to Scoring - Self-instructional CD-ROM Program

Together with one of the leading scoring and credit management consulting companies, Portfolio Management Associates, Solomon-Lawrence Partners has developed a computer-based training program which uses CD-ROM technology to deliver an interactive audio-visual lesson on scoring. The program teaches the business uses of scoring as well as how scoring systems are developed, validated, and monitored.

Introduction to Scoring has been designed to meet a wide range of needs, from the individual who wants to delve deeply into the subject matter to the individual whose need-to-know requirements are more limited in scope; the student selects the subjects s/he wishes to cover. The program allows students to work on the program in the privacy of their office or home, and to learn at their own pace.
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The topics covered include:
Overview An introduction to the different types of scoring used in consumer lending (e.g., credit scoring, performance scoring such as collections scores), their uses, and a comparison of scoring versus judgmental decision making.
Development A review of the steps in developing a scoring system including selecting the sample, selecting characteristics and attributes, and assigning points.
Validation An overview of statistical methods used to validate your system to be sure it works.
Implementation Selecting cut-off scores and measuring profitability by score range.
Additional topics A review of generic scores and the use of multiple scores.

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