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"In Managing a Consumer Lending Business 2nd edition, Lawrence and Solomon have again assembled a comprehensive tool kit and management guide for running or evaluating a firm making consumer loans. Covering the range of products from credit cards to mortgages, and the range of functions from planning and acquisitions to risk management and collections, it also examines alternative management structures for the business.

"The chapter structure is well organized and paced, while the writing style is clear, straightforward and with some humor. The authors make extensive use of examples, diagrams and tables to illustrate analytical techniques. Although applicable to a variety of markets and conditions, the book highlights recent regulatory developments in the U.S. and the impact of a recent recession."
Arthur H. Stampleman, formerly of Credit Policy Committee, Citibank (Retired)

"When I finished each of your prior publications... I thought Arlene and David have nailed it.....they can't top this. Yet, once again you have topped it with the release of Managing a Consumer Lending Business 2nd edition.

"No matter if the reader is an entry level participant in the consumer credit arena or a seasoned veteran, this book is well worth reading and contemplating. The book has an excellent mixture of sophistication and wisdom yet it is written in plain English so it translates technical material into readable language.

"A valuable risk manager does take risk....measured risk supporting their respective businesses. This book encourages prudent risk taking and how to get there, responsibly. Congratulations on producing a first class consumer lending tutorial."
Barrett Burns, President and CEO, VantageScore Solutions, LLC


"The book is outstanding; finally, someone has written a complete tutorial and information source on what this business is all about. It's really a great have put together something that is much needed."
Jim Bailey, EVP Citibank (Retired)

"All high volume consumer lenders who wish to maximize portfolio performance will benefit from Managing a Consumer Lending Business. The book combines logic, experience, and most importantly, wisdom and leadership, into a valuable teaching document; it is also a pleasure to read. This remarkable book lifts our current knowledge of how to manage the consumer credit cycle to a higher level of understanding and sophistication than ever before. The book is uncomplicated and progressive; rather than going back to basics the book focuses on going forward to basics.Any lender who wants to outperform the competition should have Managing a Consumer Lending Business on a required reading list."
Barrett Burns, formerly EVP, Ford Motor Credit Company

"I just finished reading David Lawrence's and Arlene Solomon's book on consumer lending. While building on Lawrence's previous works in this area, the new book is significantly more comprehensive and cohesive; it is quite readable. Managing a Consumer Lending Business does an excellent job of presenting the important concepts, and backing them up with good examples. The book should be required reading for business and product managers, as well as risk managers and their staffs (and it wouldn't hurt marketing managers to read the book either!). To my knowledge, this book is the only one of its kind, and it will reside on my "active" bookshelf as a ready reference.
John Coffman, founder and former President, MDS

"Managing a Consumer Lending Business is just the book the industry needs. Organizations are desperate to grow larger and more sophisticated credit risk groups; however, there has been little developmental material written on the subject. This book is both educational and enjoyable reading. The industry thanks the authors and wishes them luck with it.
Barbara Thornton, SVP, Conseco; former President, MDS


"Love the book. It is a hit here."

"I have already read and marked mine. I think it will become a definitive reference icon."

"Fabulous. This is the best reference book I've seen on the business, and I've been in the business for 20 years."

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